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Preventative Maintenance Program

We rely on our appliances daily to keep our food fresh, our dishes and clothes clean, provide hot water, etc. It is often said that, “They don’t build them like they used to.”  Thankfully, that is true; appliances are more affordable per hour of work than ever before in history. Sometimes we take them for granted.

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Why Preventative Maintenance?

Automotive manufacturers offer amazingly long warranties these days. However, these warranties require that you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. We would never think of driving our car and not changing it’s oil and filter. Our cars are an expensive investment and we strive to take care of them. Well, if you were to add up the total cost of all the appliances in your home, they would likely total as much as a small car, particularly after you factor in delivery and installation charges. It makes sense to take care of our appliances so they will serve us for years to come.

Johnson City Appliance Repair offers maintenance packages that can significantly extend the life of your appliances. By subscribing to our annual maintenance plan, should you ever need repairs on maintained appliances, you receive a discount of 30% on the service charge and repairs. A dryer is a great example of an often under-serviced appliance. If your dryer and vent system is maintained under our plan, should your dryer ever stop heating, you would pay significantly less for the technician to come out and fix your dryer.

If you happen to have an extended home warranty that covers appliances, our plan may help you receive full benefits from such a warranty. There are many warranty companies and they each have different tiers of plans. However, claims may be denied if appliances are not properly maintained. We provide documentation of all maintenance items for their and your records.

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What do we cover?

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Check initial installation
Annually clean condenser coils and condenser fan blades
Clean the exterior of the unit as needed
Clean the door gasket
Inspect water connections
Replace the water filter

Covered components: Condenser fan motor

Water Heater

Flush unit (this purges sediment which can impact performance)
Check resistance on heating elements to ensure both are working to meet your needs
At five year intervals, change the Anode rod (Most water heaters never have the anode rod changed. This is the number one reason water heaters rust out. The anode rod is a sacrificial component designed to “rust” prior to the tank and other components rusting. When the anode is functional it prevents major corrosive wear and tear, allowing the water heater to remain in service for a significantly longer interval.)

Covered Components: Elements (at time of annual visit, for standard tanks),
Temperature and pressure relief valve, and drain valve. This coverage applies to
standard tank-style water heaters. If you have a tankless water heater, inquire about
annual maintenance requirements that are not covered on this plan.

Dryer Vent
Cleaned annually.
Our technicians often quip that if dryer vents were installed properly and maintained that our dryer work would drop by 80 percent! Poor dryer vent installation and lack of maintenance are also a significant fire hazard. Please research; don’t take our word for it.
We will evaluate your vent line prior to servicing and inform you if your system meets requirements. The standards we are inspecting for are: Constructed of solid metal ducting, 4” diameter, no couplings reducing diameter in the system, total length not to exceed 25 feet. For each 90 degree bend, reduce length by 5 feet. (If your system does not meet these standards we will be glad to evaluate remediation. We can replace unacceptable venting and even install a dryer duct boost fan.) Proper maintenance of the dryer vent enables us to provide extensive coverage of dryer components.

Annually clean moisture sensor

Disassemble unit to clean
Excess lint and lubricate rollers
Tension pulley
Drum seals and inspect the wire harness

Every 5 years:
Pre-emptively replace rollers
Belt and idler (tension) pulley

Covered components if vent system also complies: Thermostats, rollers,
idler pulley, and thermal fuse.

Washing Machine

Annually inspect and or clean:
Door latches
Lid switches
Door seals
Suspension components
Drive motor
Drain and fill components ​
Install premium set of stainless steel fill hoses every five years to prevent bursts and

No components covered due to the severe nature of a washing
machine’s work load, however, early detection of worn suspension and other
components can help prevent cascading failures. (We have seen a number of
washing machine motors that were damaged because the suspension system
was worn out and continued in use.)

Clean the interior
Inspect door seal
Inspect and clean filter
Check spray arms for blockage
Check upper rack adjustment system
Check for leaks in water inlet valve and fill hose
Check condition of drain hose.

No covered components. The primary purpose of maintaining a dishwasher is to maintain performance and identify conditions early that could lead to a leak. This is critical to prevent property damage.

Inspect for bearing wear
Inspect condition of hammers
Inspect condition of seals and connections
Oven / Range, Electric or Gas

Check-Up Inspection on:
Bake and Broil Elements
Oven Seals
Door Hinges
Touch Pads
Temperature Checks and Calibration (If unit is designed to be calibrated)

During your annual maintenance visit, we will provide a year’s supply of cleaning tablets for cleaning your washing machine and dishwasher.

Each year we will test your home water pressure to ensure that your Pressure Reducing Valve is functioning properly. Usually, when we encounter a defective water valve in a washing machine or refrigerator, the home’s Pressure Reducing Valve was damaged internally and allowed extreme pressure to damage the appliance’s water valves. Checking this one item annually can prevent significant cascading repairs on multiple appliances.

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